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The Patrick Project (Helping Babies Breathe)

In early 2013 a group of neonatal and pediatric professionals formed a group they call the Patrick Project. These doctors and nurses are repeat volunteers on AMIGA medical missions. They, however, wanted to not only be part of the AMIGA mission clinics but also to dedicate more time and effort to the specific challenges presented by the high infant mortality rate in the mountain area where AMIGA operates. They chose a program known as HELPING BABIES BREATHE (HBB) to guide their efforts.

Helping Babies Breathe is an initiative developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics to address the high rates of infant mortality worldwide. Many, many childbirths all over the world occur in rural and remote areas with limited access to hospitals and no skilled providers present to assist, and if necessary, resuscitate the newborn. HBB provides a framework of training for the midwives who are generally present during such moments, along with primary kits filled with the basic essentials for medical care of the newborn. The goal is to create a sustainable and enduring effort by training “master trainers” among local midwives, who in turn can teach other midwives and providers the necessary skills to help newborns survive the stresses of birth.

The Patrick Project was imitated in the mountain area where AMIGA operates during the June 2013 AMIGA medical mission. During the October 2014 medical mission the project will again be incorporated into the schedule of planned medical clinics. CRS, 10-07-14.

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