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St. Louis Post Dispatch - Amiga Article

AMIGA was featured in a Saint Louis Post Dispatch article!

Sometimes the Family Doctor – Margarita – El Carmen

As we travel to the heights of Modelo Mountain, we pass through the village of El Carmen. At that altitude we see the first stands of coffee bushes. Locals say the best coffee is grown still higher where the climate is cooler and the rain more abundant....

The Patrick Project (Helping Babies Breathe)

In early 2013 a group of neonatal and pediatric professionals formed a group they call the Patrick Project. These doctors and nurses are repeat volunteers on AMIGA medical missions. They, however, wanted to not only be part of the AMIGA mission clinics but also to dedicate more time and effort to the specific challenges presented by the high infant mortality rate in the mountain area where AMIGA operates. They chose a program known as HELPING BABIES BREATHE (HBB) to guide their efforts.

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