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As I reflect on ten years of service to AMIGA, and 28 trips to Honduras, I ask myself this question. The answer is quite simple. It starts with answering a call, under Direction from God, which requires complete and utter trust, and follows with an unfathomable fulfillment that motivates me to continue on this amazing journey. I feel complete when I am serving others with a profound understanding of the privilege (and responsibility) to do so – when God is working through me. And that is what it is. Here and in Honduras, I am the best version of myself when my eyes and heart are open to the Presence of God in me and in others. The Presence of This Quintessential Goodness is less obscured in Honduras and is experienced more keenly by living in the moment. Each experience and every person I experience through AMIGA keeps me focused on this vibrant Goodness and my critical need for this in my every moment.


I see AMIGA as an instrument from God to bring hope to my people of Honduras. All the people that become part of AMIGA affirm to Hondurans that they are not alone, that they have brother and sisters in the states that do not forget them.


Once you have experienced the beautiful people and the beautiful country of Honduras, Amiga is a ministry that you cannot help but be a part of.


I came, I served, I stayed. AMIGA is now an integral part of my life and who I am. My efforts as a pediatrician to care for children of this world in turn renews my spirit and underscores the reason of my existence. ​In Chicago, USA for AMIGA Honduras, the awesome team of Priya Tatachar​ and Maureen Velez


I do it because my AMIGA has become part of who I am. I am honored to be part of a selfless team that listened and responded to God’s call to help our brothers and sisters in Honduras.

I have met so many amazing people and have had some amazing adventures along the the way… and it’s just beginning. There is so much still to be done.

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