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AMIGA’s medical brigade ministry works with licensed medical professionals and community health workers to provide preventative health services and the treatment of common medical conditions including the dispensation of needed medications under the direction of a licensed physician.  Medications are provided free of charge under the direction of a medical professional to each patient seen on a brigade.  
We are looking forward to AMIGA’s thirty second brigade in the fall of 2017.   Each of the thousands of patients for whom we provide care on each 10-14 day brigade receives vitamins, soap, health education,  and most importantly, the precious commodity of quality care and God's love. 
Offering the priceless gift of self, each volunteer brigade member covers his/her own expenses and donates the valuable gift of time and expertise.  AMIGA serves in communities with very limited to no access to healthcare. We are led to these areas by local community leaders and officials to places of greatest need. 
With each brigade, we see the need to expand our ministry. Our current growth plans include acquiring space for better and safer organization and storage of our medications, and a safe residence for our brigade members.  This will allow for larger groups and better work areas resulting in improved efficiency, thus allowing more time to serve.  Our goal is to  build one functional AMIGA home in the near future through fundraising and the generous support of donors. 

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