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AMIGA is a mission in God’s Amor (Love) dedicated to delivering basic health care, preventative health education, and most importantly HOPE to our brothers and sisters in Honduras living in circumstances of profound and dire need, who in return share a treasure of insight and wisdom back.

AMIGA is an organization that was born of the committed spirit and passion of Sr. Raquel Ortez, Dr. Helen Kornblum and Mrs. Jane Ebel in 2006. Their shared passion to humbly serve the poor in Central America through dedication to collection and fund raising efforts in the United States as well as mission trips to Honduras continues to evolve. AMIGA was officially recognized as a tax exempt Organization by the state of Missouri and the United States federal government in 2007.

A critical aspect of the AMIGA mission is accomplished through medical mission brigades to Honduras. Recognizing that AMIGA is committed to serving with a deep and abiding respect for the culture and cultural norms of the people of Honduras and the communities we serve, these medical missions operate in part through immersion into the lives of the people we are privileged to serve, ever cognizant and respectful of the different perspectives, methods and processes that might exist. This amalgamation of cultures requires a deep sense of humility, a respect of different and unique viewpoints and an honest openness to the possibility of change on the part of participants in these brigades.

Another aspect of AMIGA’s mission includes the collection of fundamental health care items as well as other items needed to meet basic human needs that are desperately needed by the people of Honduras. Items are collected in the states, then shipped to Honduras. The shipments are distributed through AMIGA in collaboration with local leaders in Honduras. Additionally, AMIGA has been able to establish scholarships for secondary school students through individual sponsorship and funds raised through distribution efforts. In return, students commit to helping their country by organizing goods from shipments and working on medical brigades.


As we plant the seeds of God’s love through our mission, a third aspect of our vision evolves. We hope not only to support our family in Honduras, but for all members affiliated with this organization both in Honduras and the United States to grow into more tolerant, compassionate, and complete human beings.

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