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AMIGA is a mission in God’s Amor (Love) dedicated to delivering basic health care, preventative health education, and most importantly HOPE to our brothers and sisters in Honduras living in circumstances of profound and dire need, who in return share a treasure of insight and wisdom back.

AMIGA is an organization that was born of the committed spirit and passion of Sr. Raquel Ortez, Dr. Helen Kornblum and Mrs. Jane Ebel in 2006. Their shared passion to humbly serve the poor in Central America through dedication to collection and fund raising efforts in the United States as well as mission trips to Honduras continues to evolve. AMIGA was officially recognized as a tax exempt Organization by the state of Missouri and the United States federal government in 2007.

A Mission in God's Amor

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We hope to see you at our 2019 AMIGA FUNdraiser

(“Get your game on!”) on OCTOBER 12, 2019 

Sr. Raquel and Dr. Helen look forward to another year of serving love in Honduras through AMIGA, and we are unceasingly and humbly awed and grateful for the many people who shine The Presence of God into this ministry.   Each donation, prayer and encouragement that we receive are what fuel and direct our mission to bring more goodness and love into this world.  In March 2019, in collaboration with our awesomt team of amigas and amigos in Texas and OLPH-AMIGA (Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish),  we sent our 17th shipment (full of basic necessities, clothing, Medications (for >5000) and our medical supplies) to Honduras in March this year.   In 2018, we provided personal and multidisciplinary care to more than 4000 patients and we continue the same in 2019. 


We enjoyed our 36th mission brigade in June, and during our 2 weeks there we distributed clothing and basic home goods to many people with great need in Yoro, Cortés and Copán. We cared for over 2000 patients, and visited four schools with blessings of individual and group school supplies.  We are continually led to grow and expand not only our medical services, but also our scholarship opportunities into the smaller villages in the mountains, in Copán.


There is very very little opportunity there and we hope to enhance wellness of body mind and spirit. 

Thank you for your interest in supporting Honduras AMIGA. Every donation is appreciated and helps deliver hope and health care to communities in need in Honduras.

We would love to hear from you! Any assistance with our organization is appreciated and helps make our Mission in Gods Amor possible!

AMIGA is a mission in God’s Amor (Love) dedicated to delivering basic health care, preventative health education, and HOPE.