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Honduras Today!

AMIGA is a mission in God’s Amor (Love) dedicated to delivering basic health care, preventative health education, and most importantly HOPE to our brothers and sisters in Honduras living in circumstances of profound and dire need, who in return share a treasure of insight and wisdom back.

AMIGA is an organization that was born of the committed spirit and passion of Sr. Raquel Ortez, Dr. Helen Kornblum and Mrs. Jane Ebel in 2006. Their shared passion to humbly serve the poor in Central America through dedication to collection and fund raising efforts in the United States as well as mission trips to Honduras continues to evolve. AMIGA was officially recognized as a tax exempt Organization by the state of Missouri and the United States federal government in 2007.

A Mission in God's Amor

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Welcome 2021 and many blessings of Hope Health and Peace to all.

We are starting our fifteenth year of AMIGA.  Reflecting back on 15 years of service to the beautiful country of Honduras – the greatest beauty in which this country is its people.   It has been, and continues to be, an adventure and an honor. 

Through the past two years, we have faced some significant challenges.  However,  as always, …  always, God comes through with His provision, His Love, and His Grace.

This has been so clearly – and beautifully evident in the past year.

When I was faced with a serious injury, a colleague and dear friend stepped up to act as Medical Director for a brigade.  Thank you Dr. Laura Wehry and all on the team for making Brigade # 39 happen in the fall of 2019.

As Sr. Raquel and I look back on our 15 years of AMIGA – and look forward to when we can return for our 40th brigade, we think about how many lives have been positively affected by this ministry.    We are truly grateful.

We began to plan for our 2020 brigades with enthusiasm until this was halted due to the pandemic – as was so much throughout the world. We couldn’t send our shipment and we were unable to plan any travel.

And yet the needs remain, and the people waited with hope for another brigade, for some relief - waiting patiently, as Hondurans do.

And then, in a very difficult time of rising Covid infections with little resources and limited access to help or care, things got worse. Much worse.

Honduras – specifically the places we have called home for 15 years, La Lima and El Progreso got hit – hit hard.  Hurricane Eta devastated these communities with torrential rains, flooding and mudslides.

And many became homeless – forced to sleep under a plastic tarp or in a crowded shelter.


Just as the water receded and people started to return to their homes to face the devastation, more tragedy hit. Hurricane Iota came and hit these same communities.

Roads washed away, more mud, more water, less resource and more struggle for survival.   People moved back into shelters – more of them into already crowded gyms.  Many without needed medication and health care. 


Finally, our brothers and sisters were able to return to their destroyed homes – filled with mud, disease and mold.   Everything inside their homes destroyed or washed away.

There are more pictures – many are just unbearable to see. 

Here our hearts are broken along with an overwhelming sense of helplessness.


But, once again, God provides.  With the help of many, God shines His light once again into this darkness, into this new year.

Plans emerged and grew with hunger to feed those in Honduras who are starving for relief.  Donations started coming for help – THANK YOU TO ALL . extraordinary donations of financial support, towels, sheets, socks, boots, clothes, face masks, soap (bags and bags of them!), LIGHT in the darkness. With the help of many amigas, plans for a shipment of relief turned into reality – and today, as we start this new  year, we send our 18th shipment to Honduras.  Thank you to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Selma Texas (OLPH AMIGA).  In collaboration with our Texas family, we are sending a shipment of relief, HOPE and LOVE. 


As we are looking toward the Epiphany – the end of Christmas Season, I would like to reflect what Fr. Jeff, Pastor of OLPH, said in his blessing of this shipment.  The wise men came to Him and his humble place of birth from afar with gifts of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh.   We are sending gifts from afar to a humble place to serve the most in need – just as that Baby born on Christmas did, and asks us to do.  For we are the Hands and Feet of Jesus. 

We are not sending gold or frankincense or Myrrh.  We are sending bedding for a golden night sleep, towels and clothing to clean and dress the needy, and  LOVE with each item to feed and soothe souls with HOPE, all with a profound recognition of our human connectedness, and of the privilege it is to achieve that connection through love.



Thank you for your interest in supporting Honduras AMIGA. Every donation is appreciated and helps deliver hope and health care to communities in need in Honduras.

We would love to hear from you! Any assistance with our organization is appreciated and helps make our Mission in Gods Amor possible!

AMIGA is a mission in God’s Amor (Love) dedicated to delivering basic health care, preventative health education, and HOPE. 

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